Full Radius Trumpets and Velocity Stacks

Full Radius Trumpets and Velocity Stacks
Full Radius Trumpets and Velocity Stacks

Known the world over under various names such as Velocity Stacks, Air Horns, Trumpets or Ram Pipes they allow you to "tune" you engine in a relatively simple way and on this page you will find our current offerings.

We will, in general, refer to them as "Trumpets" and for an overview of all available versions, please see our overall Trumpets page which you can find HERE.

On this page, you will find our Full Radius trumpets.

This Full Radius section is for trumpets with a "full radius edge". Being more difficult to manufacture, and therewith more expensive, their design offers distinct advantages in terms of the "fluid dynamics" of the air that is being sucked into the engine.

Unsure if these will suit your carburettors? Then please see the individual description where we will explain to the best of our knowledge how these trumpets can be used.

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Full Radius Trumpets and Velocity Stacks

30 mm long FULL-RADIUS bolt-on trumpet for 45 and 48mm carburetor FR45-30

Ram Pipes
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