Weber IDF Instructions

Weber IDF Instructions
Weber IDF Instructions

Weber IDF Float Setting Instructions

On this page you will find brief instructions on how to correctly set the float in the Weber IDF carburettors.

To set the float level, you need to assemble the top cover, needle valve, float pivot pin and the float itself.

Please note:
Do NOT install the top cover gasket !

Next, keep the cover vertically like in the drawing, with the float pivot pin at the top.
The float bracket should lightly touch the needle valve without the ball being depressed.

Now measure the distance from the float to the cover.

This distance should be 10.0 mm.

When necessary, bend tab Number 6 to adjust this distance.

Next, keep the top cover horizontally with the float at full drop.

Again, measure the distance.

This should now be 32.5 mm

When necessary, bend tab Number 3 to adjust this distance.

Recheck the "vertical distance" and adjust when necessary.

This should now give a total working stroke of 22.5 mm.

That is all there is to it but please don't forget to assemble the top cover gasket!

Weber IDF Instructions